Welcome Message

Welcome Message

Message from the General Chair
Welcome to ICESI 2020

Welcome and thank heartily the participants of the ICESI 2020, the International Conference on Electric Vehicle, Smart Grid and Information Technology, and 7th EV-EXPO in Jeju Island, South Korea. This ICESI 2020 is held through the cooperation of Korea Institute of Electrical Engineering (KIEE), Institute of Control, Robotics and Systems (ICROS), Korean Society for Big Data Service, Korea Information Processing Society (KIPS), Korea Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers, and The Korean Society of Smart City.

We all will witness, here in ICESI 2020 and EV-Expo realistic and vivid events showing that energy paradigm is changing. Electric energy, which is the cleanest energy, started to conquer all the usage fields of human’s final energy step by step. In the fields of energy such as cooking, heating, cooling, and moving, usage of electric energy is increasing and preferring due to clean and easy to deal. Penetration of electric vehicles may be the final state that electric energy occupies all the energy usage fields related to residential life.

Academic fields supporting electric vehicle include electric, electronic, mechanic, communication, computer, material engineering, and etc. This international conference on those fields must be continued and extended year by year, and so will contribute to the advance of mankind’s living and culture.

We would like to appreciate heartily all participants for being here and future cooperation on the next conference, ICESI 2020 and all members of the EV-Expo office for preparing this conference successfully.

Jaeseok Choi
General Chair of ICESI 2020
President of KIEE